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No more kitchen table.....I have finally moved from the table to my new art corner!!   Being a fairly new artist I haven't quite made it into a big art studio so I usually just paint on my kitchen table and move everything when it's time to eat!!  I'm sure many of you know, that can get old!!   You have to know how excited I was when I watched Artist Roisin O'Ferrell's Video about her art space!  She shared so many fantastic ideas and many I incorporated into my very own art corner. I am interested in painting the interior of my grand parents historical home, room by room and that is how I stumbled across Roisin.  Her interior paintings caught my eye!!!  She is a wonderful person, with great knowledge of art, who paints beautifully in vibrant colors!!  You can see here work at



I got several ideas  from Roisin's video and used them with some of the things I already had.  The cart was the biggest purchase and it came from @IKEA.   It is great looking and just the right size if you stand while painting.  I like to sit when painting detail so I use an office chair I already had at it's highest position.  The cart has two drawers that are great for storing art supplies and two shelves that can hold work while drying or your larger sketch booklets.  



On the cart I have a divided desk caddy that stores my small sketch pad, reference book, notepad, pens, tape, etc.  I have a desk lamp right over my new glass paint palette

 that I really like because it is so large and easy to clean with a glass scraper.  




Attached to the cart I have a Bestek Stand for my iPhone, keeping it within reach and a Tryone stand

 for my ipad that I use for my reference photos and listening to podcasts or music.




I use two plastic rolling carts with drawers for my paints.  One I have acrylics that I use for my painting parties and the other oils that I paint with.  I also have rulers in one drawer, a paint brush and refinishing spray that I use after my paintings dry in another drawer.  On top I have a @pamperedchef turnabout to store all my paint brushes, and also on top and within easy reach I keep mediums, and mineral spirits.


I have had my easel for a long time (due for a new one). I got my husband to put wheels on it so it would roll around and not scratch my floor.   I also love Viva paper towels and hanging it right in front of my easel  within my reach is just perfect! (Another of Roisin's great tips)  


I'm so excited about my new space and really feel comfortable with it right in my den.  I have lots of windows for natural light and screen doors for fresh air.  


I really recommend anyone who hasn't already, to go ahead and organize a spot for your art space.  It makes it easier to get right to work without having to move things around or look for art supplies.  I'd love to hear about your art space or studio and learn what your favorite things are.  I guess I would have to say my favorite thing is my cart because it is the perfect size and look for me!!


Get that space organized and happy painting!!!  











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