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Early September


September is here and today is the beginning of my 30 paintings in 30 days challenge!  I hope you will follow along with me during this journey!!  I'm going to not only paint a painting each day for 30 days but I am also going to challenge myself to try new things.  I'm studing color so I want to apply different techniques to see how they work.  Today I started with a tonal red undercoat to map out my design.

Why red??  Red is complimentary to green and I new that the dominant color in this painting would be green.  I wanted to see the effect it would give and how the colors would stand out, maybe showing some depth.  I  let some of the red peep through which is something new for me, also.  This small painting is also my first painting in my barn series.  Early September is on a wrapped canvas that measures 6 x 6 x 2. You can find it in my original paintings on my website.  I'll see you tomorrow, I'll be trying a technique of direct painting and counting my paint strokes!  Yikes!!!