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Hello All!!   I have been really enjoying my online course with  Artist Roisin Oferrell!  It is so much more than I expected.  The first modular gives us lots tips and  how to's to prep for the class.  Roisin shares an interview  and gives us a podcast to feed our well and food for thought.   It feels so good to hear such uplifting messages!  We even get to watch Roisin paint before practicing the techniques ourselves.   This is my first assignment,  Apple Crisp.  I set up a still life of a single apple, sketched my drawing, prepared my canvas with an acrylic wash and then using a direct approach of painting (lots of brush strokes with little blending) I painted.  I normally paint in an indirect approach so this assignment was difficult for me.  I was even terrified to even give it a try but so glad I did. I think with lots of practice I will learn the new technique.  Also we are learning how to mix paints using a split palette.  I'm so glad that I joined the group on facebook where we share our work and encourage each other.    It's the best class unless of course I were to go to Ireland to take the course in person!!  I hope you have joined my mailing list because I'm planning a giveaway from that list.  Now if you haven't just go to this link and register!