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Happy New Year!!

One of the ideas I have this year is to try to organize my thoughts! I have them scattered everywhere!! What I mean is when I think of an idea to paint I get all excited and just have to dot them down but only to forget where  my notes are when I’m looking for them. Or, I’ll start a painting and then remember when it is too late some little something I wanted to add to it. I’m always taking pictures of things I would like to paint but never have them nearby or together when I’m painting!! So, this year I’m going to organize things into an art journal.


I think I want a three ring binder so I can add to it as I go or move things around if I need to since I’m just figuring out what all I want included inside this journal. I would like to have some lined paper so I can write down my thoughts or list some ideas of a painting but also some blank paper so I might sketch my idea for later reference. Pockets added would also be good so I might gather a few reference photos or paper clippings about the history of a building or idea. One section I would like would be quotes. I am often wanting to add a quote on facebook but can’t remember who the quote was from so I think it would be handy to keep an ongoing list of my favorites. I also like to quote from the Bible so some of my favorite Bible verses would need to be included. I don’t know how much room I would have but to have my contact list might also be a great idea. A calendar with time slots would probably be important so I will be ready for scheduling times allotted for painting and doing the work. Also, for appointments I may have with customers, framer, photographer and so forth.


I have already started jotting down a list of paintings I want to do this year on my iPad. I’ve included a description and the feeling or remembrance I’m hoping it will give. Areas I want to stress in the painting, such as the sky or the movement. I really think this will help me with my paintings. Now as soon as I get my journal I am going to transfer this list to have a hard copy to help keep myself organized and ready to paint!!


Do you do any journaling? Is there something else you think maybe I would need to add or make room for in my journal? I’m sure I have left something out!! Please share with me any thoughts you have!


I look forward to the new year and the possibilities it may bring! Happy 2019!!