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This past year was an amazing year on my art journey!  My art was displayed with three very talented artists.  I love getting to know other artists and learning from them.  I also had  three of my pieces  chosen in a juried art show with many other talented artists!  It was my first time being a featured artist in a real  gallery and it was a grand experience!!  I took my first online art class and loved every minute of it, so much so I’m taking it again this year! I went to my first art workshop that  was more enjoyable than I ever would have imagined!!  I met and have become friends with  many artists from all over the United States!!   I had several commissioned pieces and already have one for this year I’m ready to dive into! So many things happened that I never would have imagined and I’m so grateful!  God has blessed me so much more than I am deserving.  This year I’m excited to see where He will lead me and I’m expecting  the unimaginable because with His guidance I know anything is possible!!!  I’m going to study and learn all I can from others, see what makes me tick and  develop my own style, following my heart and passion, painting the things I’m drawn to, where there is history and stories.  Put away my fear and challenge myself to develop my own technique, pushing boundaries and watching the magic as I take tiny steps on this journey!!  I realize the most important  thing that will help me to grow is to do the work so here goes to a great new year!!  Follow along to see where 2019 will lead!