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Scheduling time to create is a hard task! Something else always needs our attention! The time is just not there!! But to be an artist you have to do the work, right?


I’m taking an online art class and scheduling time to do the work is our assignment! I am working to allot times when I will do my painting and sketching, time for reading, studying and learning my craft, marketing, meetings, and all sorts of creative things!


I don’t know about you but often I feel it’s wrong to take time to paint. (This is my inner critic talking to me.) It is relaxing and brings me joy but should I be taking this time for myself??


The inner voice can really be mean and make you feel bad! Who do you think you are spending precious time playing? About the time you shut the voice inside up, someone will say, “I wish I had time to paint” and all those ugly thoughts come rushing back! Any body else know what I mean?


It is an ongoing struggle that artists have to fight off constantly. If we listen to our inner voice we will loose, failing to create and to use the gift God gave us. We are who we are and it is meant for us to be creative!! So I’m fighting my inner voice and making a schedule for time to play!!