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I'm on a roll!!  I have been super busy with my art journey!!  



February, I worked on some still life paintings with fruit for my online class with Roisin Ofarrell. 



"Pick One"





"Green Apple"




 I started my new series or body of work of sheep.


"Going Home"


"I Know My Sheep"



Had a little fun with Valentine's




"Sweet Valentines"



 and sqoze in time to paint my daughter a birthday present




"Yellow Roses and Daisies"



 March started with a painting of my husband's families' homeplace 



"Oral Oakes"


 I continued with the Sheep.



"I Am The Gate" 




"Sheep of My Pasture"



I also worked on painting glass for Roisin's glass challenge. 



"Perfect Treasures"


"Fresh Picked"


I have some of my new works exhibited at Ripburger Library in Kenbridge, VA



 It  will be exhibited for about 6 weeks.  I look forward to sharing my new works and speaking with some of the high school's art students in April . 






 Excited my painting "Blush" made it into the "In the Garden"  juried art exhibit that will be online with the Crossroads Art Center March 29th to June 19th and displayed for exhibit at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Center in Richmond, VA from March 28th to June 19th.   



Visit for more information 


and to see other art exibited with Crossroads Art Center 


 Finishing up the month with a video of some of my new work!!