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Oil painting Archie Goes to School Limited Edition Print by LINDA CLARK

Archie Goes to School Limited Edition Print

18 x 20 Limited Edition Print of Original
Archie Goes to School, by Linda W Clark, is an oil painting on cotton canvas. The original, measuring 20 x 24 was completed in the July of 2015.  Limited Edition Giclee prints were released shortly after.

Archie Goes to School is an imaginary Prairie scene created for my younger sister who has always romanticized about a life in The Little House on the Prairie.  My idea was to paint her a little house in a prairie with a windmill in a beautiful surrounding with lush fields of flowers.  In the painting the little prairie girl is on her way to school with her books, lunch bucket and her best friend, Archie.  As they travel the dirt path, her fury friend Marvin tries to get one more tummy rub before she is out of sight.

$100.00 USD