Oil painting Feeding the Chickens by LINDA CLARK

Feeding the Chickens

Feeding the Chickens, by Linda W Clark is an oil painting on cotton canvas.  The original, measuring 24 x 36 inches, was completed in the March of 2015, and shortly after followed with Giclee limited edition prints.

Inspired to paint a spring painting for my upcoming exhibit at the Victoria Library, "Tale of a New Local Artist", I received inspiration from a friend’s vintage photo, to paint a worn, tin-roof farm house that sits on rock pillars.  In the yard is an old woman in her time-worn apron, feeding her free range chickens.  Her pockets are filled with dried corn kernels to feed the chickens, and on her arm, an old antique splint basket dangles, with the eggs she has gathered, often from places least expected, like under the sweet-smelling lilac bush. Each of her chickens has been named, even the few new additions to the family this spring.