Oil painting Flower Bucket by LINDA CLARK

Flower Bucket

Flower Bucket, an oil painting on cotton canvas measuring 16 x 20 inches, It was completed in the summer of 2018 with signed wrapped canvas prints available shortly after.  My passion for florals and my friend, Janice’s work inspired me to paint her  beautiful bucket arrangement.  I loved the natural look of all the different shades of pink and the lavender to purple flowers placed together in the galvanized bucket for such a simple farmhouse look.  Her arrangement caught my eye right away. 

I have been studying florals with their delicate layers and color mixing so this made the perfect arrangement for my work study painting. 

Janice has such a natural talent and is such a sweet person.  If you would like to see more of Janice’s beautiful work you can find her on Instagram @figandtwigs twigs.  I just painted this antique frame with linen milk paint and have it ready to sell.

$650.00 USD