Oil painting Special Delivery Limited Edition Print by LINDA CLARK

Special Delivery Limited Edition Print

11 x 14 Limited Edition Print of Original

Special Delivery, by Linda W Clark is an oil painting on cotton canvas measuring 18 x 14 inches. It was completed in January of 2016 with Limited Edition prints shortly after.
Special Delivery was created and donated to Central High School for their After Prom event. The painting is a nostalgic scene of an old US mail truck delivering special mail to a small, snow-covered farm. I was inspired to tell a story of a simpler time; a tale about an old farm I drive by daily. The old log cabin has long passed its better days, but when passing by it, I always fantasize about how the small farm house must have looked all those years ago, and what life on it would have been like for the family who lived there.

$100.00 USD