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Oil painting Yelp Limited Edition Print by LINDA CLARK

Yelp Limited Edition Print

16 x 20 Limited Edition Print of Original

Yelp is an oil painting on cotton canvas.  The original, measuring 20 x 24 inches, was completed in the summer of 2014, and shortly after followed with prints on acid free paper.

I was inspired to paint Yelp for the upcoming NRA Banquet in Lunenburg County, VA as a donation for auction to help raise money for the NRA foundation. 

In “Yelp” I depict a hunter who has fallen asleep while sitting by a tree, waiting for a gang of turkeys to return to their nesting area.  Won’t he be surprised when he awakes to find his trophy gobbler standing nearby, staring at him?  He won’t be able to reach for the gun in his lap, without scaring away the gobbler and the rest of the flock.  Some hunter!

$100.00 USD