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Artist Statement

Linda Walker Clark

Growing up in the rural area of Southside Virginia and having an interest in art and details gives me the desire to preserve the heritage and the most memorable times of the South.  Having family history dating back over 200 years from this area gives me the passion to not only capture my cherished childhood memories but also the farming lifestyle that so deserves to be remembered.   In my paintings I share the details once lived by my ancestors; the farms, the barns and animals, the old school houses and churches that our families built and attended, the country stores, the flowers, fields, wild life, the way of living, of entertaining, and the simple country life of days gone by.

Until recently I considered myself a self-taught artist but lately I have been studying with Irish artist, Roisin O’Farrel. I have learned to paint in Alla Prima with more vibrant colors.  With her help, I am working to develop my own style and technique.  As I continue to grow in the field of art, my desire is not only to create a painting for you to hang on your wall, but to jog a memory or two past happy times, as well.  I am thankful to God for my blessings and look forward to this journey with him as my guide.