Creative Works of Linda Clark - Artist


Linda Clark is an artist from Victoria, Virginia.



Linda Walker Clark was born and raised predominantly in Southside Virginia, although her earliest years were spent on the Atlantic coast in Hampton and Newport News.  By the time she entered school, her family was living in the small Southside town of La Crosse, Virginia, and later, during her teen years, she lived in Kenbridge, Virginia, where she graduated from Central High School, and where she married her high school sweetheart.  It was after her marriage that she moved to Victoria, Virginia, the home town of her husband, where they own and operate a convenience store, and where they raised their three children.


        After their children were all in school, she returned to school herself and earned an Associate Arts and Sciences degree in general studies from Southside Virginia Community College, before continuing her studies at Longwood University in Education and History.  


        She is a self-taught artist, who has always loved to paint though she has not always had the time.  For many years, she has been on the move keeping up with her three children who were very active in sports, dance and other activities during their school years.  Now, she and her husband have an empty nest, and finding herself with more time on her hands, she has pulled out the paints and turned on some Frank Sinatra music, and begun to create her works of art.  


        Up until more recently, she dabbled in acrylics whenever she found the time, or the desire grew too overwhelming to ignore in the past.  Now, she is working predominantly with oils on canvas, and although she occasionally has works of folk art, most of her paintings are done in fine art realism.  You will find that many of her paintings reflect the life in this rural area in which she has spent the greatest part of her life.


        Being fascinated with all things vintage and nostalgic of places and events remembered in her childhood, she often creates some of these places or events from the past, or some imaginary scene of the yesteryear in her paintings. She allows her mind to drift back in time, while relaxing and listening to the oldies music, whenever putting her brushes to work.  Her idea is to create a happy time, or to jog a memory, of the past not only for herself, but for others that view her paintings who may have shared something similar.  She is thankful to God for blessing her with the ability and the time to pursue what makes her happiest.  






Rosemont Wine and Art Festival 2017-LaCrosse, VA


2016 Annual Christmas Bazaar-South Hill, Va


Hospice's 2016 Annual Art Show - Rosemont Winery in LaCrosse, VA


Rosemont Wine and Art Festival 2016- LaCrosse, VA


Arts in the Middle Festival 2016-Hewick Plantation in Urbanna Virginia


Colonial Center Art Gallery-South Hill, VA


Hospice’s 2015 Annual Art Show- Rosemont Winery in LaCrosse, VA


William Clarke’s 9th Annual Art Show-Blackstone, VA


Arts in the Middle Festival 2015-Hewick Plantation in Urbanna Virginia


The Tale of a New Local Artist at Victoria Library-Victoria, VA


The Crewe Library-Crewe, VA


2014 Annual Christmas Bazaar- South Hill, VA


Blackstone’s Art and Crafts-Blackstone, VA


37th Annual Virginia Lake Festival-Clarksville, VA


William Clarke’s 8th Annual Art Show-Blackstone, VA


Small Town Christmas Celebration – Victoria, VA




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